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Tilt Wheel Turn SignallMuitifunetien Lever

The lilL steering wheel allows you to adjust the steering The lever on the left side of the steering eolunm wheel bel'ere yen drive. The lever is leeated en The includes yeur:

“flaring Comm“ I Tm: Signal and Lane Change lndicamr

Yuu can also raise it to the highest level to give your . lags mute mum when you exit and enter the VEhiEIE.

TIJ Ijll [he wheel? hold 111:! steering wheel and pull Ihe lever. Meve The steering wheel to a eemfuriable level. [hen release the lever m leek the wheel in New.

Headlamp Highlew Beam Changer FIash-Te- Pass Feature

Cruise Centre] [HEquippedj Windshield Washer

Windshield Wipers


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