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Short 'Ihiprity Maintenance Schedule

The services shown in this schedule up to lflflfllfl miles # Lahricate the suspension and steering linkage. (166 00:} km) should be perihnned after lflflfllfl miles (165 U00 hm) at the same intervals. The services shown at 150,900 miles (240 000 km} should be performed at the same interval after lfiflllfltl miles (240 DOC! km).

See ‘Dwner Checks and Services" and ”Periodic Maintenance Inspections“ following.

+ A good time to check your brakes is during tire rotation. See “Brake System Inspection“ under “Periodic Maintenance Inspections" in Part C‘ of this schedule.

++ [f you drive in a highly corrosive environment. your hralte calipers may require additional inspection and service. at every other tire rotation.

See *‘Caliperi'Knuckle Maintenance inspection" Footnotes under “Periodic Maintenance Inspections" in Part C ‘l' The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or the 43f this schedule.

California Ftir Resources Board has determined that the failure to perform this maintenance item 1will not nutlify the emission warranty or limit recall liability prior to the completion of the vehicle‘s useful life. We. however. urge that all reeormmended maintenance services he performed at the indicated intervals and the maintenance be recorded.

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