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Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Service Parts Identification Label

You’ll find this label on the deck lid. It‘s very helpful if - Illlllllll |||||ll|||ll|lllllllllllllll .

you ever need to order parts. On this label i5:

0 your VIN. _ I:III"III III—II‘I III" III I'IIIII‘I III 'I‘II‘I'I IE' I the model designation. ENGINE/m + XI; ASSEMBLY 'I paint information and CODE MDDELYEAR PLANT l a list tifell production ctptictns and

s iale ui ment. This it; the legal identifier for your vehicle. It appears or: pee q III

a plate in the from center of the instrument panel, on the driver‘s side. You can act it il'yuu Inuit. Ll1It‘.Il.lgl'l the windshield frtirn uutsidt: ynur vehicle. The VIN elm appears on the Vehicle. Certification and Service Parts labels and the certific files of Lille end rcgistrulinn.

Be sure that. this label is not rcmt‘rved me the vehicle.

Engine Identification

The lith character in your VIN is the engine code. This cut]: will help ynu identify your engine. Specifications and replacement parts.


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