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Don‘t Eel anyone tell you that model-inflation or overinflafioo is all right. It‘s not. If your tires don't have enough air (undefinl'latlonl. you can get the followlog:

Too much flexing Tho much heat Tine overhading

Bad wear Bad handling Bad fuel economy.

If your tires have too much air {ova-inflation], you can get lhe following:

i Unusual wear

a Bad handling

i Rough ride

I Needllla damage from road hazards.


When to Check Check your tires: once a month or more.

Don't forget your compact spam tire. It should he at so psi man my.

How to Chuck

Use a good quality pocket—type gage lo check tin: pressure. You can‘t tell if your tires are properly inflated simply by looking 31 Ihem. Radial tires may look properly inflated own when mey're anon-inflated.

Be sure to put the valve caps back on the valve Stems; They help prevent leaks by keeping out dirt and moisture.

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