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Adding only plain water to your cooling system

can be dangerous. Plain water, or some other liquid like a]oohoL can boil hefore the proper coolant mixture 1591]]. Your rehlde’s eoolant

warning system I: set for the proper coolant mixture. With plain water or line wrong mixture, your engine could get too hot but you wouldn't get the overheat warning. Your engine could catch fire and you or others could be burned. Use a 50150 mixture otelenn water and DEX-comm coolant.

If you use an Improper coolant mixture, your engine could overheat and he batfly damaged.

The repair cost wouldn‘t he covered by your warranty. Too much water in the mixture can freeze and eraelr. the engine. radiator, heater core and other parts.

If you have to add coolant more than four times a year. have your dealer check your cooling system.


If you use the proper coolant, you don’t have to mild extra inhibitors or additives which claim to Improve the system. These can be horml'ul.

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