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Checking Ihe Fluid Level

Park ynur vehicle on :1 ievel place. Keep [he engine running.

Willi the puking brake applied. plane llle shift lever in PARK. (Pl.

With your feet on the brake pedal. rmwu U1: shift le ver Ihmugh each gear range. pausing fnr ahnut three seconds in each range. Then. position the shjfi lever in PARK {P}.

Let the engine run at idle for Hunt: Lu five Illinules.

Then, withnul shul'ljng rJ-Fl' Il'u: engine lullU-w ll‘lcfic steps:

. The autnmatic lrnnsaxle dipsljck handle is red.

Pull out the dipstick and wipe it with :1 dean rag or paper tnwe].

. Push it back in all Ihe way. wail: three Hecnnds and

Ihen pull it back But again.

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