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if your vehicle starts to alidc, cause your that off the accelerator pedal and. quiltzld}r steer the way you want the vehicle to go. If you start atccring quickly enough. your vehicle may straighten out. Always be ready for a second skid if it occurs.

chnursc, Lractiun in reduced when water. snow. ice. gravel or other material is on the road. For naiizly‘ you'll want to slow down and adjust your driving to these cttnditiunt-i. ll is important to slow down on slipper"; surfaces because stamping distance will be longer and vehicle control more limited.

Whiie driving on a surface 1with reduced traction. tr}r your best to avoid sudden steering, acceleration or braking (including engine braking h_v ahil'ting to a lower gear}. Any sudden changes could cause the tires to slide. Yrru may nol realize this surfacr: i5 slippery until your vehicle is skidding. Learn to recognize warning

clues —- such an enough water, ice or packed snow on the mud to make u “mirrored surface" -- and slow down when you have any doubt.

Remember: Any anti—lock brake system MES} helps avoid onlyr the braking skid.

Driving at Night

Night driving is. more dangerous than do}r driving. One ream in lieu some drivers are likely to be impaired -- by alcohol or erIgi-t. with night vision problems. or by fatigue.


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