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The THEFT LID-CK feature for the radio may he used or ignored. if ignored. the system plays normally and the radio is not protected by the feature. lfTHEFTI—OCK is activated. your radio will not operate if stolen.

When TI-IEFT'LDCK is activated. the radio will display [DC to indicate ii incited condition anytime battery

power is removed. If your battery loses power for any reason. you must unlock the radio with the secret code

before it will operate.

Activating the Theft-Deterrent Feature

The instructions which follow explain how to enter your secret code to activate the THEFTLUCK system. it is recommended that you read through all nine steps before starting the procedure.

NOTE: if you allow more than 15 seconds to elapse between any steps, the radio automaticafly reverts to tirne and you must start the procedure over at Step 4.

]. Write down any three—digit number from tttttt to 1999 and keep it in a safe place separate From tht: vehicle.

2. Turn the ignition to the ACCESSORY or RUN position.

. Turn the radio off. . Press the 1 and 4 buttons together. Hold them down

until --- shows on the display. Next you will use the secret code number which you have written down.

. Press MN and {Di} will appear on the display. . Press MIN again to make the last two digits agree

with your code.

. Press HRS to make the first one or digits agree with.

your code.

_ Press AM-FM after you have confirmed that the

code matches the secret code you have written down. The display will show REP ttt let you know that you need to repeat Steps 5 through 't‘ to confirm your secret code.

. Press t‘tM—FM and this time the display will show

SEC to let you know that your radio is secure.


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