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AM-FM Stereo with Cassette Tape Player {If Equipped}

Playing the Radio

VOLUME: This Etnoh turns the system on and off and

controls the volume. To increase volume and turn the radio on. tum lhe knob tn the right. Turn it to the left to decrees: volume.

RECALL: Press The upper knob lirt'iet'l3,r to recall the station busing played or to tlispingtl the clock. To change what is normally shown on the display {station or time}. press the knob until you see the slistilag.r you want. then hold the knob until the display flashes. If you press the knob when the ignition is oil"1 the clock will show fora few seconds.

Finding a Station

AM- FM: Press the lower knob to switch between AM. Flt-ll and FME. The display shows your selection.

TUNE: Tum the lower knob to choose radio stations.

SEEK: Press the right or left arrow to go to the next higher or lower station and stay there. The sound will route while seeking.

SCAN: Pness one of the SEEK an‘ows for two seounds. and SCAN will appear on the display. Use SCAN to listen to stations for a few seconds. The radio will go to a station. step for a few seconds. then go on to the next station. Ptess one of the SEEK arrows again to stop scanning. The sottnd will mute while scanning.

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