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Defogging and Defrosting

Your system has two settings for eleori tag the windshield and side windows. To defi'oSI the windows quielti it. use FRONT with the temperature ltnoh all the we}? in the red area. To warm passengers while keeping the windows clean. use BLEND.

To defog the side windows while using the air conditioner. set the right control to BI—LEV and the fan control to the highest setting. Aim the vents toward the side windows. For incl-eased airflow to the side vents-1 close the center Vents.

Rear Window Defogger {If Equipped)

The lines you see on Lhe rear window warm the glass. Press lhe button to stun Wnnning your window. Pressing the button again will Shut it off.


It‘ you turn on the rear defogger while driving at or above 45 mph [Tl] kmt'hi. it will stay on as long as that speed

is maintained. You must press the button to shut it off. Ii'you drive below 45 mph WU ltmfhji for more than

It] minutes. the rear defogger will automatically shutoff.

Scraping the inside of your rear window eutdd

cut and damage the heater. Your warrant}r would not cover this damage. Don’t put decals there; you might have to scrape them off.

Ventilation System

Your vehicle's flow~through ventilation system supplies outside air into the 1vehicle when it is moving. Outside air will also enter the vehicle when the fan is running.

Air Outlets

Adjust the direction of airflow by moving the lowered roots with the center control knob,

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