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The cigarette lighter is near the ashaay. To use the cigarette lighter. push it in all the way and let go. When it‘s ready. it will pop back by itself.


If you bald a clgarette lighter in with your hand while it is heating. it won't he able to back away from the heating element when it’s ready. That

can make it overheat, damaging the lighter and the heating element.

Sun Visors

Visor Vanityr Mirror {If Equipped}

The lighted visor vanity mirror light}; up when lite mirror cover 'IS opened. Closing the minor cover turns off line lamps.

Accessory Power Outlet (If Equipped)

if you have an accessory power outlet. you can plug in an additional electrical aeoeaaory. Just upon me earlier console nmirest and remove the plug from line accessory

outlet. He sure to foiiow the proper installation instructions that are incl-.Ided with any elcetrieal eatsipmem you install. The accessory power outlel it: protected by a fuse antl has a maximum current level.

Garment Hank

Your vehicle is equipped with a garment hook. To use, push down on the tab marked with a mat hanger symbol.

Instrument Panel

Your instrument panel is designed to let you know at a glance how your ear is running. You’ll know how fast you’re going. how much fuel you're using and many oIJter things you'll need to know to drive safely

and economically.


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