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The URL and the AIJC,‘ systems will remain off any little your automatic unnsaitle vehicle is in PARK (Pi and the parking brake is engaged.

The URL and ALC systems will remain off any time your manual transaxle vehicle is in NEUTRAL [NJ and the parking brake is engaged.

As. with any vehicle, you should turn on the regular headlamp system when you need it.

Automatic Light Control (ALCl

Your vehicle is equipped with an automatic light sensor on top of the instrument panel under the defroster grill. so he surr: it is not covered which will cause the nighttime lights to he on continuously.

When it is dark enough outside. your ALE will turn on your headlamps that you were last using at the normal brightness along with other lamps Such as the taillamps. Sidemhrket'. parking lamps and itistnirnent panel lighut.

There is a EU-second delay in the transition between daytime and nighttime operation of the URL and the ALE systems. [1‘ the light sensor senses a reduction in lighting that lasts longer than 20 seconds. it will activate The nighttime lamps. If yttu are driving through a parking garage. heavy overcast weather. a tunnel or fueling your vehicle in a low light ureiL the ALL‘ will

turn on your low-heath headlamps at a normal brightness along with the taillamps. sidemarlter. parking lamps and the ins Lt'utttctit panel lights. The radio lights will be dimmer.

As with any vehicle. you should turn on the regular headlamp system when you need it.

Interior Lamps Instrument Panel Intensity

The interior courtesy lumps can he turned on by rotating the control located on the instrument panel to HI.

The instrument panel brightness can also be adjusted hetwern LD and HI by rotating the control.


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