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Wmdows Power Windows

Switches on the driver‘s annreet control each of the windows while the ignition in on or retained eccea‘sory power is active. In addition. the passenger‘s door armrest has a switch for its own window.

To lower the passenger’s window. pull back on the tight switch. The window will lower as long as the switch is

held. To raise either window. push the switch forward

Earpiece-Down Wmdow

The switch for the driver‘s window has an express-down feature. Wh- the driver's AUTO switch is held rearward for more than halfa secondmewindow

will automatically lower completely. To stop the 1tiliiriliow while it in lowering. press the switch again

and then release. The window can he opened in

smaller airiounts by pressing the switch rearward and releasing it immediately. To raise. the window. hold the switch forward.


Nearly the entire surface of the center pad of the steering wheel is an active horn switch Press anywhere on the pad to errand the horn.

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