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Ignition Positions

The key with the black plastic head operates the ignition lock.

With the ignition key in the ignition switch. you can turn the switch to five different positions:

ACCESSORY [A]: This is an on position in which you can operate your electrical power accessories. Press lite ignition key in as you turn the top of it toward you.

LOCK {B}: This is the only position in which you can remove [his lot}. This. position locks your ignition. steering wheel and transaxle. it's a then—deterrent feature.

OFF (Cl: This position lets you torn olilhe engine but still turn the steering wheel. It doesn‘t lock the steering wheel like LOCK and it doesn’t send any electrical power to the accessories. Use IEFF if you must have your 1trehicle in motion while the engine is not running.

RUN {D}: This is an on position that the switch returns In after you start your engine and release the switch. This. is the position for driving. Even when the en gine is not running. you can use RUN to operate your electrical power accessories and to display some instrument panel warning lights.

START {E}: This position starts your engine. When the engine starts. release the key. The ignition switch will return to RUN for normal driving.


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