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Power Door locks

Press the power DOOR LUCKJUNLDCK switch to lock or unlock both. doors at once.

LL'K'H L1H! Gm


Door Ajur Reminder

If one of the doors on your vehicle is not closed moped-13:, fine DOOR MAR light on the insumnem panel will come on and slay on until the doors are closed and completely latched.

Memory Door locks

This is a Personal Che-lee feature that programs your door locks to slum1:I1:11:ie;lll}I look or unlock.

Close the dome and turn on the ignition. Every fine you move the shift lever out ol‘ PARK [P]. all of the doors will look. And. every time you flop and move the shift lever into PARK (P). the doors will unlock. Lt" some needs In get out while you're not in PARK (9]. have thal person use the manual or power look. When the door is closed again. it will not lock automatically. Just use the manual or power luck to look the door again. If you need to lock the dome before shifling oul of PARK (Pl. use the manual or power leek button to luck the doors.


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