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A outlet}.r hell that isn‘t [:trop-erlg.r routed through the neat cushion or is twisted won‘t provide the protection needed in a crash. If the safety belt

hasn’t been routed through the seat cushion at all. it won‘t be there to work for the next passenger. The person sitting in that position could be badly injured. After reinstalling the seat cushion. always check Ill be sure that the safety halts are limpet-13' routed and are not twisted.



Buckle the center paF-Ftcnger poeition safety belt. then mute the satiety belts through the proper store in the seat cushion. Don‘t let the safety belts get twisted.

Slide the rear of the cushion up and Lind er the seatbeek so the rear locating guides hOoIt into on: wire [flops on the buck frame.

_ With the seat cushion lowered. push renown] and

then press. down on the seat cushion until the spring locks. on both ends engage.

Cheek to make sure the safety belts are properly routed and that no portion ot'any safety he]! is trapped under The seat. Also make sure the seat cushion is secured.


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