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Vehicle Identification Number 1 WM 0 your VIN O the model designation. ILIIHllllilillllillillllillliillllilllllllllil ' m - .. _ . O a liel :11" all pmtluctiun captions: and _-- :.-J-i'ii-‘Li:~1-._|‘='-'-' KIA—SE17: .— special equipmenl. ENGINE M398 l K ASSEMBLV Be sure that this label if; not removed from the vehicle.


Electrical System

This iv; the legal identifier for your vehicle. it appears on Add-0n Electrical Equipment 1: plate in the from corner of the inslruntent panel. on the driver‘s side. Yuu can see it if yuu lLNJ-lt. through the windshield from nuti-iidc yuur vehicle. The VIN alsu appears on the Vchiclc Certification and Sen-'icc Pumi-

lube“ and the certificates “f ”I"! and registration. Don‘t add anything electrical to your vehicle

Engine Identification unless ynu check with ruur dealer first. Sum: electrical equipment can damage your vehicle

The 8th character in yuunVlN i5 flit-engine cutie. This and the damage Wouldn’t he covered by yuur

end: wall help ynu: Identity your engmc, fithCllltjiillfll'li-i warranty. Surne add-cm electrica] equipment can

and replacement part5. keep nlher atmpnnents I'rnm wnrking an they,r

Service Parts Ide ntili cation Label shfluldr

Yun'll find this lubcl [In the underside of the Spun: tire

cut-c1: It's. t'cry hclpl'ul ié'ynu ever need m [ercr part5. Yuur vehicle has an uir hag firs-item. Befurc attempting to

On [his lttbcl is: add anything Electric u! in your vehicle, see “Servicing

YuurAir Beg—Equipped Buick" in the Index.


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