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Brakes Brake Fluid

Your brake master cylinder reservoir is here. It Ill-i filled with DOT—3 brake lluid.

There are only [WU l'tiflfiflnt-i why the brake fluid lei-'el in the reservoir might go down. The find in that The brake fluid guns don-11mm acceptable level during normal hrake lilting weur. lull-"hen new linings-i are put in. the fluid level goes back up. The ulher ITSHSIN'I in mm fluid is leaking out of the brake syntern. II' it is, you should have your brake


L:ymern Fixed. since a leak means Tl'lltt sooner or later your brakes won‘t work welL or won‘t work: an all.

So. it i5n'I :1 good idea to “top off" your brake fluid. Adding brake fluid won't correct a look. If you add fluid when your linings are worn. then you'll have too much fluid when you get new brake linings. You should add [or remove} brake Fluid. an necessary, only when work is, done on the hruke hydraulic system.

Il’ynu have too ninth brake fluid. it can spill on the engine. The fluid will burn if the engine in

hot enough. You or others could be burned. and your vehicle could be damaged. Add brake fluid only when work is done on the brake hydratdie system.

1When your brake Fluid fully: to- u luw level. your brake warning light will union on. A L'I'Iirne will we nd if you try [D drive with this. warning light on. See "Brake Syhlcm “fuming Lighl" in Ihr: Index.

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