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3. Pick up the latch p]alc and pull the hell across you. Th: lap part of 1hr: belt nhnuld be 1mm low and snug on Don‘t ict i1 gel twisted. Illa hips. just muching the thighs. In a crash. this applies

force to the strung pelvic bones. And yuu‘d be less flkcly to slide under the lap belt. if you slid unde: it. I11: hell Pull up an Ihc latch plate Lu make sure it is scam-c. If would apply fume at your abdomen. This mum cause

4. Push lht latch plate intn the buckle until it clicks.

[ha belt isn’t lung enough. see ”5 afely ECIT serious or even fatal injurim. Thu: shuuldm' belt should go Extender" al the end ul' this: mlion. over the shoulder and 3mm :11: 1:th T1135: pans of the Make sure the rcltasc bullcm un Ihe buckle is body an: bat able [a m bc't mm" rung forces.

pnsilioned so you wnuld be able to unbuckle the The safety belt locks if lhtrc‘s :1 sudden stop ur crash. safety belt quickly if you ever had to.


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