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Don't use yuur cetnpacl were an ether vehicles.

And don‘t mix your compact spare tin: or wheel with other wheels or tires. The},- wen'l fit. Keep yuur spare tire and its wheel together.

Tire chains weft fit 31'.qu compact spare. Using

them can damage your vehicle and can damage the chains inc. Don‘t use tire chains on year eempeet spare.

5 -32

If You’re Stuck: In Sand, Mud, Ice er Snow

W113i you don‘t men to [In when your vehicle is srucl: is to spin you: wheels tee fast. The melhcnj known as: “mulling” can help you gel cut when yuu're stuck. hul

yuu must use caution.

If ynn let yeur tires spin at high speed, the}r can explode, and you or others enuld be injured. And, the tmnsafle or other parts of the vehicle can

overheat. Thai ennld cause an engine compartment fire or other damage. When you‘re stuck, spin the wheels as little as pmsible. Don‘t spin the wheels above 35 mph 155 IunIhJ as shown on the speedometer.

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