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A vehicle can I“ all from in ear carrier if it isn’t adequately secured. This can cause a collision. serious personal injuryr and vehicle damage. The vehicle should he lightly secured with chains or

steel cables before ll is transported.

Don‘t use substitutes tmpes. leather straps, canvas webbing. etc.) that can he cut by sharp edges underneath the towed vehicle. Alwa 1's use T-ho-oks inserted in the T-hook sluts. Never use .l-Itoolts. The}r will damage driveLrein and suspension components.

When 3rnur vehicle is being towed. have the ignition key turned to OF. The steering wheel should he clamped in a straight-ahead position. with a clamping device designed for towing service. Do not use the 1vehicle‘s steering column lock for this. The unmask: should he in NEUTRAL {N} and Lhe parking brake released.

Don‘t have your vehicle Inwed on the drive thEIS, unless yuu must. If the vehicle must be towed on the drive wheels, be Hun: to fellow Lhe speed and distance restrictions later in this section or your transsxie will be damaged. If the se limits must be exceeded. then the drive wheels have In be supported on a dolly.

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