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2. Get the vehicles close enough so the jumper cables 3. Tom off the ignition on both vehicles. Unplug

can reach. but be sure the vehicles :men’t touching unnecessary aeeessories plugged into the cigarette each other. If they are. it could cause a grim tit! lighter or accessory power outlet. Turn off all lamps connection you don‘t want. You would t1't be able to that won’t needed as well as radius. This will avoid start your vehicle. and the bail grounding could sparks and help save both hattedes. In addition. it damage the electrical spate ms. could save your radio.

To avoid the possibility of the vehicles rolling. set the parking brake firmly.r on both vehicles involved in the jump start procedure. Put an automatic mansion]:

'n PARK lPlhcl' .‘ til [h tl-ti b k . 1 ”TE ~e mg e on “g m E Ifyou leave your radltt on1 ll. could be badly

damaged. The repairs wouldn‘t be covered hji your warranty.

An electric fem can start up even when the engine 4. Open the hoods and locate the batteries. Find the

is not matting and can injure you. Keep hands. positive {+1 and negative (-1: terminals on each

clothing and tools away from any underhond battery. Your vehicle has a remote positive [+J

electric fan. terminal for this purpose. [The battery is under the batik seal.)


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