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RECALL: Press this button briefly to recall the station being played or to display the clock. To change what is normally shown on the display (station or titnejl. press the RECALL button until you see the display you want. then hold the RECALL button until the display flashes. [f you press the button when the ignition is off. the clock will show for a few seconds.

Finding a Station

AM-FM: Press this button to switch between AM. FMI and Flt-12. The display shows your selection.

TUN It]: Press the up {If down arrow to choose radio stations.

SEEK: Press the up or down arrow to go to the next higher or lower station and stay there. The sound will

route while seeking.

SCAN: Press one of the SEEK anows for two seconds and SCAN will appear on the display. Use SCAN to listen to stations for a few seconds. The radio will go to a station. stop fora few seeonds. then go onto the next station. Press one of the SEEK arrows again to stop scanning. The sound will mute while scanning.

FUSHBUTTDNS: The six numbered pthhbuttons let you return to your favorite stations. You can set up to 18 stations [sis AM. six FM! and sin Flt-'12}. Just:

Turn the radio on.

Press Mel-FM to select the band.

Tune in the desired station.

Press TONE to select the setting you prefer.

Press and hold one of the six numbered buttons. The sound will mute. When it returns. release the button. Whenever you press that numbered button. the station you set will return and the tone you selected will be automatically selected for that button.


6. Repeat the steps for each pushbutton.

P SCALN: Press this button to listen to each of your preset stations for a few seconds. The radio will go to the first preset station. stop for a few seconds. then go on to the next preset station. Press P SCAN again to

stop scanning. lt'a preset station has weal: mention. the radio will not stop at the preset station.

AUTO SET: Press this button and the system will seek and set the 12 strongest PM or the 6 strongest AM stations on your preset buttons. AUTO SET will flash while seeking and will remain on until this Function is complete. To retum to the stations you manually set. press AUTO SET again.


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