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Temperature Button

To adjust the comfort Eevel you want maintained inside the car. push the TEMP button. If you want a warmer comfen level. push the red arrow. If you want a cooler comfort level. push the blue arrow. Your comfort setting is shown in the display.

Fun Button

The speed of the blower fan is controlled automatically if you have the system set for AUTO. Pressing the FAN button will display and hold the current blower fan setting.

[f you want the blower fan to run at a lower speed. push the bottom of the FAN button. The fan speed will decrease with every push of the button until the lowest speed is reached. if you want to increase the fan speed. push the top of the FAN button. Notice the fan indicators in the display.

Mode Controls

Press the AIR FLOW button to deliver air through the floor, middle or windshield outlets. The system will stay in the selected mode until the AUTO button is pushed- Press the up arrow on the AIR FLOW button to cycle through the available modest.

Automatic Operation

Press the AUTO button when you want the system to automatically adjust the interior temperature to your preference. When the system is set for automatic operation. air will come from the floor. middle or windshield outlets depending on the temperature inside the vehicle. the outside temperantre and sun load. Fan speed will vary as the system gets to and maintains the comfort setting you have selected through the use of the TEMP button.

To find your comfort setting. start with the system in AUTO mode and the TEMP button adjusted to a display of T5“F {24“ C). give the vehicle about 20 minutes to stabilize, then readjust your comfort setting if necessary. The display will show line comfort setting for a few seconds and then it will display the outside temperature. it you want to see your current automatic fan speed. airflow direction and comfort setting. press the

AUTO button-

In cold weather. the system will delay turning on the fan. to avoid blowing cold air. The iength of the delay depends on the engine coolant temperature and the

outside temperature. Pushing the FAN. AIR FLOW or FRONT buttons will override this delay. turn off the AUTO setting and change the fan speed.


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