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I Sidemarker Lamps I Instrument Panel Lights

0 Interior Courtesy Lamps

Pull the knob toward you to the first setting tu- turrl on the parking lamps and other operating lamps without the headlamps. Pull the knob toward you to the second setting to turn on the headlamps as well as the other operating lamps.

Rotate the knob from left to right to eonrmt brightness of the instrument panel lights.

Lamps 0n Reminder

If the headlamp switch is left on. you'll hear a warning chime 1.tihen you turn the ignition off. remove the key from the ignition and open the driver‘s door.

Daytime Running Lamps

Daytime Running Lamps {URL} can make it easier for others to see the front of your vehicle during the day. DRL can be helpful in many different driving conditions. but they can be especially helpful in the short periods after dawn and before sunseL

A light sensor on top of the instrument panel makes the DRL work. so he sun: it isn‘t covered.

The URL system will make your hi git—beam headlamps come on at redueed brightness in daylight when:

I The ignition its on. I The headlamp switch is off and . ’l‘he u-ansaitie is not in PARK {P}.

When DRL are on. only your high-beam headlamps

will he on. The parking. lamps. tailiatnpa. side marker and other lamps won't be on. Your inerument panel

won’t be lit up either.

When it's dark enough outside. your high—beam headlamps will turn off and your low—bean: and parking lamps will become active. The other lamps that some on with your headlamps will also come. on. IWhen it’s bright enough outside. the regular lamps 1Nil] go off. and your high—beam headlamps change it] the reduced brightness of URL.


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