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@ Section 2 Features and Controls

Here you can learn about the many standard and optional feature-5 on your vehicle. anti information on starting. shifting and braking. Also explained are the instrument panel and the wanting spine-ms that tell you ifevewthing is working properly -- and what to do if you have a problem.

2-2 Keys 1-33 Horn

2—4 Door Locks 2—34 TILT-WHEEL” Adjusrnble Steering Column 2-9 Remote Keyier-H Entry 2-34 Turn SignoJMtlliifuneiin-n Lever

2- l4 Trunk 2-4] Exterior Lamps

2— i5 Theft 2-44 Interior Lamps

2- l6 PASS-Keyfi' I] 241' Mirrors

2.- i't' New Vehicle “Break-In" 2-49 Storage Compartments.

2-1? ignition Positions ’3—5l Sun Visors

2-19 Starting Your Engine 2-52 Aeoessory Power Receptacle

2—211 Engine Coolant Heater iif Equipped] 2—53 Auxiliary Power Connection {Power Drop] 1-22 Aummatic Tiansaxle Operation 2—53- Astrormf

1-2? Parking Brake 2—.‘14 Cellular Phone Rendiness Package

2-23 Shifting Into PARK (P) {If Equipped}

2-30 Shifting Uut oi‘PARK {Pt 1-54 OnSmr System [Gptieni

2-3l Parking Over Thing: That Burn 2-55 Instrument Punei —— ‘t’nur lnforrnntinn System 2-3” Engine Exhaust 2-56 Instrument Panel [Hunter

2-32 Running Your Engine Whiie You're Parked 2—59 Warning Lights. Gages and Indicators

2-33 Windowa 2—?5 Driver In innnatirln Center


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