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How This Section is firganized The remainder of this Beetiun is divided into five punt-i:

"Par‘l A: Scheduled Maintenance Services" shows what to have done and how often. Some of they: services can be complex. an unless y'nu are technically qualified and have the necessm'y equipment, yea shenlu le'l ynur dealer's service department or nnether qualified service center dn these jobs.

Perfnrming maintenance wurlt en a vehicle can be dangerous. In [trying to tilt) Hume jobs. yuu can

be seriensli-r injured. Be your own malntenanee 1n'urh Innl}r if you have the required knew-haw and the preper [mils and equj pmem fur the job. H‘yeu have an}.r deuht. have a qualified Ieehuieian do the wurk.

If you are skilled ennugh It] Lin same wnrh m1 ynur vehicle. yuu will ennui-tutti).r wanl In get the service inl'ennafiun. See "Service and Owner Publications“ in the Index.

"Part B: Owner Cheeks and Services” tell:

we what should he eheekeil iinrl when. [I also explaim what you eaui easily do to help keep year vehicle in gum] ennditiun.

"Part C: Periodic Maintenance Inspections" expleim imrmrlunt inupeetient Ihat your dealer's. servlee department or unutlier qualified gen-lee eenler

nhuuld perl'urm.

"Part D: Reenmrnendevd Fluids rind Lubricants" lists some new mmended predueix in help keep your vehicle pruperly rnuinluined. These pmtlucts. ur Iheir equivalenlx. Hhuuld he used whe1hei' you do the work ynuraelinr have it clone.

"Part E: Maintenance Record" provides a plum:

let you hi reenrd the mainlenunee performed in: ynur vehicle. Whenevernny maintenance ea perl'ernied. he Laure to write it tiuwn in lilih' part. This will help you determine when your next mainienance uhmilii he done. In addition. it is u gutuJ like It] keep _i.'nur rnziinlennnee reeeile. They min.r he needed in qualify ynlu' vehicle fer warrant}.- repairs.

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