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Fuses and Circuit Breakers

The wiring circuits. in your vehicle an: protected t‘mm short circuits; by :1 combination of l'urios. circuit breakon; and fusible lhorliiiii links in the wiring ilseit‘. This greatly TCdUCti-i Th: L'l‘lzuico iii‘ Fires caused hy'

electrical prohloms.

Look :ii the silver-colored hum] inhiill: the fuse. ll’Ihc band is hmkon nr moiimi. repiace tho Fuse. B: son: you replace :1 had Fuh'c with :i HEW Line iif the identical Size and ruling.

InstrumI-I Panel Fuse Block

Sums fusex 1111‘ it! u I'usc block on the pasiongcr's sidc of the insn'umcnl punt-1.

Puii off the cover labeled FUSES to expose Ihe fosox.


Circuit Breaker


“DEDEDNDED {iflfigafifl a’DflDiD-mfl‘fl “UQDHDED


Tire Inflation Monitor Reset Button (on Regal Grim Spori only]

Power WindowflSunroof Rear Defog Power Seats

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