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4. Cunncct the new headlamp assembly in the wiring harness. making sure the can nectc-r tab snaps into place.

To check the aim. the Vehicle should he properly prepared as titlinws;

I Place the 'i'clticlc an :1 level pail tt-r surface.

5. Insert the headlarn into the 'lOlEt in tl'i‘ i'arc". . . P b L H "l I The vehicle should nut have any snow. ice cIr mud

6. Slide the retainers dnwnwerd until Ithr' are full},r seated.

Headlamp Aiming Your vehicle has a modular headlamp System. These

headlamps have horizontal and m: nieal Eill'l'l indicators.

The aim hut-i heet: optically pre-set :it the factory and should need no further adjusmtent.

If your vehicle is damaged in an accident and the headlamp aim see ms tn be affected. see gm ur dealer. Headlamps tin damaged vehicles may require- recaiihraticrn eithe- \‘Cfllflfll and horizontal aim by ynur dealer.

attached in it.

C The vehicle should be fully assembled and all other

thrlt stepped while headlamp aiming is being done.

I There should ntil be any cargo tir Innding (if the

which. excepl it fihfiuld have it full tank nfgas. and one person er ltrEl lbs. [75 kg] on the driver‘s seal.

I Close all doors. In Time xhuulti he prtiperly intittted. I‘ Rock the 1i'ehicle to stabilize the suspensicn.


To make sure yunr headlamps are aimed properly. read all the instructions before beginning. Failure In follow these instructions could came damage to headlamp parts.


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