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Your dealer irritant-'5 ytiur vehicle bezel and wants ynu in be happy with it. We hope you'll go In yrrur dculer For :1]! your wrvicr: nccdh. Ynu‘ H gcl gctluine GM pum- tll'td «GM-trained and supported scrum: pimp-It.

We hope you'il want tn kcep ynur GM which: :1“ GM. Genuine {EM pans in: W: on: of mesa marina:





Duing 'mur Own Service Work

If ynu wan: 1:31.111 some ut‘yuur own sewice WUI'I-L. ynu'ii want to use the proper Buick Service Manuu]. 11 tells yuu rnut'l't man: about how to service your vehicle than this manual can. Tn ttrticr the proper servicc manual. SEE: “Service and Owner Publication it" in the Index.

Your which: has an air bag system. Bcf'nrt: ullrmpling It.- (In your own survicc work. see "Servicing YWJT Air Eng—Equipptd Vehicle" in Lhc Index.

Yrm would keep a record with ail pnrtv. ruccipts and list the miIt-ugc and the date of any Kerrie-e work ynu invariant-I. 5E1: "Maintenance Rgcord" in the index.

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