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@ Section 6 Service and Appearance Care

Here you will find information about the care of your vehicle. This section begins with service and fuel infonnation. and then it shows how to check important fluid and lubricant levels. There is also technical infonnation about your vehicle. and a part devoted to its appearance care.

fi—E Service 6-5] Cleaning the Built-in Child Restraint 6-3 Fuel 6-52 Care of Safety Belts and Built-in Child 6-5 Fuels in Foreign Countries Restraint Harness

6-5 Filling Your Tank Iii—52 Cleaning Glass Surfaces

6-3 Checlti Iig Things Under the Hood til-52 Cleaning the Outside of lite Windshield and 6-12 3300 Supercharged [Code 1} Engine Wi per Blades

6-12 Engine Oil L‘t-53 Cleaning the Outside of Your Velficle 6-17" Air Cleaner 5—54 Cleaning Aluminum or Chrome Wheels 6- 2“ Automatic Transaitle Fluid 6-55 Cleaning Tires

«ti-23 Engine Coolant tin—5’." Appearance Care Materials Chart

6-2? Power Steering Fluid 6-53 Vehicle identification Number {VIN} 6-23 Windshield Washer Fluid ISFSE Service Parts Identification Label

6—30 Brakes 5-59 Electrical System

6—33 Halter]: 6-65 Replacement Bulbs

(tn—34 Bull: Replacement 6-65 Capacities and Specifications

6-39 Tires 6-66 Vehicle Dimensions

(349 Appearance Care 45-6? Normal Main tenancc Replacement Parts 13-49 Cleaning the inside of Your Vehicle 6-6? Air Conditioning Refrigerants


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