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0f course. traction in reduced when water. snow. in: grnwl er Lilhui‘ muturiu] ix un lhi: mad. Fur Hal'ety. ynii'li want to aim» down and adjust your driving in data: condition-1'. IL ih imp-[Irtuni ln slow Lln'L'u-Tl Lin glipp-ery surfaces' hequJHC stopping distance; WI" bu iunger and \‘Ul'llilii: L'unii'iil mun: iimiled.

Whiie driving on n surfaca Wiih reduced tracnon. try your best in avoid huddcn MEL-ring. nuceleruliun ii-T braking iincluding nngiili: braking by mil—Ling In :1 lower

gran. Any widen changes could cauie the tire; in slide.

Ynu may nnl realize ihe 5Lirl'uxi: is. slippery until your i'cliiulc in hkidding. Learn in rccngnizi: warning cinna- —— such ah ennugh Wi‘ilEr. ice or [’JCIL‘luEd slim.- mi the maid in nmke El "mini-fled suri'ncc" —— Uni] hlUW down 'wht'n yuu haw: any Lliilll'il.

Remember: Any nun-lock brake system [ABS] litlps :Wnici only the braking skid.

Driving at Night

Nighl driving is inure dnngcrmiri Thnn day driving. Om: runsnn is Ilim some drivers. ill'L‘ likely to be impaired -- by :llwhnl or Lllllng. n lEl‘I nigh: i'isinn [mi-ileum. nr by fatigue.


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