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Defensive Dri ring

The best :tdi-‘iet: nnyrtne can give nboui driving is: Drive del'cn Hively.

Please sum with u very iinpm'tnnt Sitter}: tie-rice in yuur Buiek: Buekie up. tSee "Surety Beits” in tlie Indeiet


Defensive driving really mcnnii “he ready for anything." (in city streets. rural roads or freeways. it means. "always expect the unexpeeted.“

Air surne that pedestrians nr other drivers are going to be L‘ilTBiExt.‘ and make minnkei‘e Anticipate what their might rln. Be ready t‘nr their ntifiinkeii.

Rent-end enlliiiiiinrt are Hhi'l-uli the must prevenlahle cil' ueeidentii. Yet they are enmmen. Allen- enough inllnwing distance. It‘s the best defensive driving maneuver. in both city and rurnl driving. You never knew when the vehicle in front of you is; going LIL'l brake or turn Rlldtitilii}'.

Defensive driving:J requires-t that a driver concentrnlc on the driving insk. Anything than distracts from the driving uni; -- HUEi! us concentrating on rt cellulitr Ieleplinne eiill. reading. or reaching for mttnelhing on the finer -- makes. tamper defensive driving more difficult and run even cane-e a eellisien. witli resulting injury. A55; :1 passenger in help do things like this. UT pull nl'i' the rtmti in n isnl'e piece in tin 111cm ynumii'. These simple defensive driving. techniques: enulti nave yrtur life.

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