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Care of Your Compact Discs

Handle disc-5 eao-et'ully. Store them in their ori gina] ease}: or other protective cases and one}r from direct sunlight and dust. If the surface of u disc is soiled. dttrnpen a clean. soi't doth in a mild. neutral detergent Mtltttiurt and clean it. wiping from the center to the edge.

Be sure never to touch the signal surface when handling discs. Pick up dih‘flh' by grasping the outer edges or the edge of the hole and the outer edge.

Care of Your Compact Disc Player

The use of CD lent-t cleaner discs in not advised. due to the risk of contaminating the lens of the CD option with tuhrieuntx internal to the CD mechanism.

Fixed Mast Antenna

The fitted mast antenna can withetund most car washes; without being damaged. If the mast rthnultt ever become stighuy bent. you can sin-1i ghten it out by hand. ]I' the mast is badly bent. an it might be by vandals. you should replace it.

Check ever}.I once in I]. while to he sure the roast is: out! tightened to the littntier.

Baekg‘tass Antenna [If Equipped]

Your AM—FM antenna is integrated with your rear Window det'ngger. located in the rear window. Be sure that the inside surface oflhe rear window it. not wretched and that the lines on the glass are not damaged. If the inside surface is damaged. it could interfere with radio reception.


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