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Ventilation Tips

I Keep the limd and from air inlet Free nl' ice. xnew er any other tibstruetiun. sueh as leaves. The heater Lind defroster will work far heller. reducing the ehunee ei‘ legging the inside rut" your Windows.

I When you. enter a vehicle in enici weather. adjust Il'u: mode kntih in" helium lu FLOOR tll'lti Lite fun [0 the highest speed Ihr a few seeiinds hel'ute driving utT. This helps elem- the intake ducts of snnw and moisture and rcduees the ehanee 01' tbgging the inside ini' greet windnws.

I Keep the air path under the limit seats clear nf objects. This helps air to circulate thmuehuul your vehicle.

Rear Window Deihgger

The rear winduw deiiigger uses a. warming grid to remote leg from the rear window. Press the bunch to turn the rear def-nigger on. It wii] turr- iteelf off after :11:qu ll! minutes. The picture above on the iefl refers Ln Ihe tiefngger human lhul is FE'IUI‘ILJ uh :1 Manual Single Zuni: Ciimule Cnnlrni System nr Duel Centi‘m’i‘emp Climute Conttnl System: the huuen M the right is [uund en the Due! Automatic CumfmTemp System.

li'yelu turn it rm again. the rear defogger wil] only run for flit-nut five minutes hei'flre [Liming Lai'l'. 1fruit eeit alsu turn. it nt‘l" by pressing the button again.


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