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Cellular Phone Readiness Package (If Equipped}

Your vehicle may be equipped with a wiring harness that will work with a dealer-installed om Hughesm' portable phone. The phone has integrated features 1with the radio and cur audio speakers. See your dealer for more details.

Unfitar System {Option}

Your vehicle has been prcwircd for dealer insmllation ot‘

the UnStor System. The following services one available 24 hours a day:

i Roadside Scruioe whh Location

To open the astromof, push the rear of the switch once i Emergency.r Services Button and the astromof will open to the vent position only. I: You will need to open the Suns-thud: by hand. Ran-mtg Du” unlit“

Push the rear of the switch a second time and the . Theft VEhw]: Tm“!!! ottroroof will open the remainder of the way ti}- itself. I Automatic Notification of Air Bag Deployment

This is the “WERE—”pen feature. 0 ConciergeICuntomer Conveniences Services

To close the astroroof. plush and hold the from of the switch until the sunroof motor stops. The sunshade can only be closed by hand.

For our: information, comact your denier.


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