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dim after the delay lime unlil Lhcy gu nul. The delay time is eitneeled it” you turn the ignition key to RUN or START. so the [amp-i. will tiiln right away.

When the ignition in on. Illuminated Entty is. innetite.

which means the enunesy lamps: wnn't mine [In utilize: a door is opened.

Delayed Entry Lighting

Delayed Enlr}.r Lighting illuminates your veltiele'n interior For a periiitl. of time after all the noon: have been ulna-ed.

The ignition must he an I'nr Delayed Entry Lighting to work. Just after all the doors have been closed. the Delayed Entry Lighting feature 1will continue to

work until:

I The ignition ii. in RUN.

I The doors are looked.

a An illumination period ol" 25 wounds; has elapsed.

II' timingr the illumination period a door in opened. the limed illumination period will be canceled and the interior lamps will re main on since a door in open.

Delayed Exit Lighting

Thin I'eatui'e illuminates your vehicle-i interior tor a period nl'litne ail—Eur thL' ignition key in rerntn'etl l'rnnt the ignition.

The vehicle‘u ignilitnl man he Hl'l'i'nr Deiayed Exit Lighting to work. when the ignition key in removed. interior illumination will activate and remain on until:

I The ignition in in RUN. O The pn-wcr dtmr Inch. an: aetit'aletl. 0 An illumination period iii 25 ‘i-CLZHTIEII‘I has elapsed.

lt‘during the illumination period a LilJUI' is opened. the timed illumination period will he eaneeled anti the interior lamps will remain on since a dent in. open.


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