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It can be dangerous to drive with the trunk lid open because carbon monoxide (CO! gas ean eome Into your vehicle. You can't see or smell CO. It can cause unconsciousness and even death.

If you must drive with the trunk lid open or if electrical wiring or other cable connections must pass through the seal between the bod}r and the

trunk lid:

o Make sure 2]] windows are shot.

I Tim: the Fan on your heating or cooling system to its highesi speed with the setting on anyr airflow selection except RECERC. That will force outside air into your vehicle. See “Comfort Controls" in the Index.

! "you have air outlets on or under the instrument panel. open them all the way.

See “Engine Exhaust" in the Index.

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Vehicle theft is. big boa-fine 55. especially in some cities. Aldiough your vehicle has a numbernl'lhei'tddeterrent features. we know [had nothing we put on it can make it impossiote to steal. However. there are ways you

can heip.

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If you [cave your vehicie Iwith Lhi: keys inside. it‘s m easy target forjoy riders no professional Ihieves so don‘t do it.

With the ignition off and the driver‘s door open. you‘ll near :1 chime reminding you to remove your key from the ignition and Ialte it with you. Always do this. Your ignition and tmnsnxie will be locked. And remember to lock the doors.

Pm in a lighted spot. eiose aft windows and lock your vehicle. Remember Ie keep your valuables ml of highl. Put them in e siorage urea. or take them with you.


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