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This system has a range of about 3 feett I ml up to

30 feet t? at]. At times you may notice a diaerease in range, This is normal for any remote keyless entry system. if the transmitter does not work or it' you hav: to stand eioser to your vehicle for the transmitter to work. try this:

i Check in demnnine if battery replacement is necessary. See the instructions that follow.

a Check the disranee. You may be too far from your vehicle. You may need to stand closer during rainy or snowy weather.

i Cheek die loeation. Other vehicles or objects may be

blocking the signal. Take a few steps to the left or right. hold the transmitter higher. and try again.

in if you're still having trouble. see your dealer or a qualified technician for service.

Goes" ties:

The driver's door will uninek when L‘NLGCK is pressed. 1f pressed again within five seconds. all doors will unlock. Pressing any button will also illuminate the interior lamps [see “Illuminated Entry" in the Index}. Ail doors will lock when LOCK is pressed.

The trunk will unlock when the trunk button is pressed. and the ignition is in LOCK or OFF. The trim]: button will also work when the ignition is on. but only while in PARK tPl.

instant; Alarm

When the button with the horn symbol on the remote keyless entry transmitter is pressed. the here will sound and the headlamps and taillarnps will flash for up to

30 seconds. This can be turned off by pressing the instant alarm button again or by turning the ignition on.

if your vehicle is equipped with the Content Theft-Deterrent Feature1 you Ina}I also turn off the instant aim-m by unlocking the Vehicle with a key.

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