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So. it ien’r. u good idea to "top off” your halo: fluid. WEE; gr.- .‘5. if. Addlog broke flurd won I correct :1 leak. If you add fluid When you do need brake fluid, use only 90.113

when your linings are worn, men you‘ll have Loo much brake fluid _‘_ Such as Deieo Supreme ii a. (GM

WW e...“ ' " ery. ii sealeo containeronly.

done on [he broke hydraulic sysuem. Always clean [he broke I‘luiu resenroir cup and the

area around the cap before removing EL This will heip keep dirt from entering the reservoir.

Wiih the wrong kind of fluid in your brain:


Ifynu have too much brake fluid, it can spill on Ihe engine. The fluid wili burn if the engine is hot enough. ‘r’ou or others could be burned, and your vehicie could be damaged. Add brake fluid only when work is done on the brake hydraulic system.

system, your brakes may no! work well. or ihey

may not even work at ell+ This could cause a crash. Always use the proper brake fluid.

When your brake fluid falls to a low level. your broke Wuming light will come on. A. chime will sound if you u'y to drive with this warning light on. See"Br.-1l-Le System Warning Light" in me Index.


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