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flaw :3 {hack Te get the right reading, the fluid sheuid he at tiertttai operating iemperaturc. which 15 130“]: ts EDWF

Because this operation can he a. little difficult. you may {82°C to 93.1.2]. ehuuse it] have this done at your Buick deaiership Service Department. Get the vehieie weaned up by driving 331101]: Ii miles If . , . , . .- {2-1- ltm} when eutside temperatures are :the're 5fl°F _ you do at yourselr. be sure to fellow 1111 the instructions Ei‘JDC}. ifit's colder than 56°F {NFC}. FD“ may have

here. er yea could get a false reading on the dipstick.

to {in VB longer.

Checking :iae FEE-"L Let-iii. NGTICE: . . . . t Perk your vehieie en ti lever plaice. Keep the englne

Ten much or too iirtle fluid can damage yeur mm'ng' tmnsaxie. Too mueh can mean that some of the I With the parking brake applied. pier-e me shift lever [1an could came an: and fall on hot engine parts 5'1 PARK lPl- 01' exhaust 555131“ PIN-“3+ starting ‘1 firm 33m ”3 G WELh yeur the: en ihe hrttlte pedai. move the shift 11“ “11 PEWTER reading It I'll“ check 3'9“!“ lever through earth gear range. pausing for about transaxle fluid. three seconds in each range. Then. positinn the shift lever in PARK (P1. Wait :1: term 3t] minutes before cheek: ng the transuxie i Let the engine run aL idle for Llimc to five minutes.

fluid levei if you have been driving:

I When outside temperatures are above 90°F 62°C]. I At high speed for quite a while.

It in heal-'3' waffle u especially in he: weather.

0 While pulling a trailer.

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