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Your dealer knows your vehicle best and wants you to If you W311! I0 {10 5‘0 me Of your own service Work. you‘ I! be happy with i1. We hope you' [1 go to your dealer for want to use me proper Buick Service Manual. Ir tells

all your scrvice needs. You'il gel genuine GM pans and run much mm ubnut haw :9 service your which: Lh an GMru-ained and suppufled service people. this manuai can. To order the proper service manual. see

We hope you‘ll want to keep your GM vehicle a]! GM. 'Senqce and Owner Publlcatrons m the Index.

Genuine GM perm have one of Lhe HE marine: Your vehicle has an air bag Sysmm. Birth-re attempting In do your own service work. we "Servicing Your Air Bag-Equipped Vehicle" in [11: index.

am. You 51': ouid keep :1 record with all parts receipts and list

the rm'ieage and The date ofany service work you perform. See“Main1enenc-: Record” in the Index.

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