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Tara: Signal and Lassa Cit-aege indicate:-

E Ari a-rruw an the instrument l panel will flash in the

! directifln tell 1h: 11m; rat—Earle i change. ll'ynur vehicle is

' eqeipped with the Head-Up I Display iHUD}.e.=1 anew will also appear in the display uses ta indicate the tiirectinll of the turn or

lane change.

To signal a lane change. just raise or lower the lever antii Li'lE arrow seam: to flash. Held it there until you eempiese your lane change. The lever will return by itself when yen release it.

As yam signal a turn are lane change. if the arrows flash

The turn signal has two upward iferrighti and two aL twice me normal rate. ehis may indicate that a sigaai dawriward {fur lefii punitiens. These positions allow vein bulb may be burned out and outer drivers won‘t see you: In signal a turn or a lane change. turn signal.

To signal a cum. move the lever all the way up or down. When the turn is finished. the lever will return automatically.


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