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Express-Dawn Winduw

The switch Fur the driver‘s windnw hm. an exprcwmluwn lee-tum. Pull thc switch hack all the way. TUlEflSL‘ it

and mi: window will lower uitttmiuticully. Tn HII'JP the window from lt-weflng. pull lht.‘ switch again. To partially ”pun the winduw. pull the switch back. and quiL'kIjl release it. Tn mime the window. hold the

Witch forward.

Window Lin-It

PrcHx the LUCK switch on [llt‘ Lll‘ilr'tr'h urrnrtfit lll disahle all passenger windtiw m-jlchea. The. drivel"!- window L'ttntmlH will still be uperuhlc. 'I'Iu'h is a uHEfiII feature when you ltui-L' children fll-i pstsfiengm's.

PFCSH the UNLDCK thlCl’l EU allow pasficngcrs to use: their window swnches again. Horn

Ncurly lht: entire surface of the center Find at" lhi: Slbcfing wheel is an active Itom switch. Fl'Lth'E~ anywhere on the pad to sound tht: hum.

Tilt Wheel

A Iilt Hlucring wheel allnwn' wit to tlLliUhl llic ensuring whet] but'tirc ytttt drive.

YUM curl Ellfiu mine. it In the ltlglttsl Icw'l [Ugh-1' ytiur leg? I'I'llJl't' I‘Lium Wl'lcn [mu Hit and untur the vehiclt.

Tn- lill ThI: Wht‘t‘tl. Ill'ild Iltt: hlECJ'lIIg wheel und pull the lE‘s-‘EI' tt‘twurtl fault. Mm»: 1hr: h'lL'CFll'tg whccl In :1 Untitl'ril'lill‘tlc ]L‘\'L'|. than I'ltlLfflbL‘ thc lL‘lp'L’T In Incl; the wheel in place.

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