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Shifting Out of PARK (P)

Yuur x-ehiele 11.15 u Brake-Tremaine Shirl Interim}; {BTSI}. You huve In fully (apply your Tagulur hruke hefi'ne you. can Shit-I E'I'Lim PARK 1P1 when the igniliurl iii in RUN. See “Automatic Triinszixie" in the index.

li'ynu ennnnt Hhii'l nut [31' PARK (Pl. ease prefixun; Im the shill lever -- push 1h: shift lever all the we}- into PARK {P3 :15 you. ITlL‘lllllull'L brake upplieuliun. Then mime ihe thfi lever into the gear you war-1. If you ever hold Ihe brake pedal down but still can't shifl out of PARK {1"}. LT}.r Lillb:

J. Turn I'J'IL‘ key 1:: OFF.

3. Apply and hnid the hmke unlii 1h: End ni'SEEp 4.

3. Shift to NEUTRAL EN].

4-. 51311 the vehiele and [hen shift 11} the drive gear you want.

:3. Take ynur vehiele in un. uulhnrized Merviee eenter uh‘ mun at; 3111.1 can.

Parking Over Things That Burn

Things Illul can burn emlld luuell hut exhauxl

parts under yuur vehicle and ignite. Don‘t park Iwer papers. leaves, will";f gram or other things that can hum.


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