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Leaving Your Vehicle With the Torque Lock

Engine Runmflg Ii'ynu are parking on a hill and you don‘t shift your

[raueaxlc Into PARK [P] properly. the weight of the

vehicle may put too much Force on Ihe parking pawl in the transaxle, You may find it difficult to pull the shift let-'ei' Hill (1|? PARK iPII. Thix is called “torque lack." To

11 can be dangenmfi I" leave 30"? vehicle with the prevent torque iock. set the purl-ting brake and then shift engine running. Your vehicle {-11qu mum-e intu PARK ”’1 PWP": H3” bell-11‘! FUU 15““ 1'1" ”1‘1””th

euddenlv if the Shifi letter is not fully in PARK lPl hUlil. To find tJut htlw, see “Shilling Into PARK KP)" in ' the Index.

wltll the parking brake firmly set. And. if you have the vehicle with the Engine running. 11 “mm Written you are ready to drive. move the Shifl lev er out overheat. and even catch fire. You or "we” could of PARK tPi mew you Teieose the parking brake.

be injured. DON" 193W Ffl'II-l‘ Whit“? “'llh U12 li' torq ue look does. occur. you may need to have smother engine running unless you have to. 1vehicle push yours. a itttle uphill to take some of the pres; one from the parking pawl in the trunsexle. 50 you can pull the shift lever out of PARK tPL

if you ham: to [cut-t: your vehicle with the engine running. he sure your vehicle is in PARK {Pi and your parking brake is firmly set before you lent-e it. After you've moved me shift Eek-er into PARK [F]. hold the regular brake pedal down. Then. Hee iFy‘nu L'lll'l move the shift lever eerily li'urn PARK {1"} without first pulling it tower-:1 you. If you Can. it meunu that the shift lever wasn‘t fully locket] intu PARK 1?].


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