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H you try in drive uppmximhteiv 40 feet (13.2 ml with Shifting Inifl PARK (P)

the [lurking brake on. the I'Irultr: light relay; on and u Chime sounds unrit you reieaee the purl-sing hrukc.


Driving with the parking hmlte nn can on use

vtlur rear brakes to overheat. Yuu ll'litj' have to replace them. and you could elm: damage nther parts e-I‘ Ill-LII" vehicle

It can be dangerous to get out utyuur vehicle If the shift lever Ls not fully in PARK tPt with the parking brake firmlv set. ‘mur vehicle can will If

ynu have left the engine running, lJlI! vehicle can muve nuddenly. You or uthers could he injured. 'I'e he sun- vuur vehicle won’t move. even when J'Du‘n! m1 fairly level ground. use the steps that follow. Ifyeu‘re pulting :1 trailer, see "Towing :1 Trailer" in the Index.

ii' vnu an: tnwing a1 trailer and are parking un any hill, see “Towing a'l'miler" in the index. That section shows. 'Whili it! till fitn't to keep the trailer [mm moving.

l. “Laid the brake pedal Linwn with your right Fruit and vet tilt: parking brake.


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