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FIRST ill: "fills position giver. :mu even more pnwer Pal-king Brake {hul luwer l'uel ecl‘rnmny I [hurl SECOND l1}. "E'Gu can me it on very steep hills. or in deep anew or mail If “If: heleelnr lever is. pull in FIRST! | l. Ihe lmnsuxle won't :illift inm fired gear until the vehicle is going. 3|“th :nnugh.


This vehicle has a PUSH . TO RELEASE parking hru kl: pedal]. Tn he: Ihc parking brake. held the regular brake pedal down with yuur right rum. Pure]: Liuwn Ill: parking braid: pedal wiih ymlr Fell fem.

If your from wheel-1' can't mute. dun‘l try ti:- drive. This might happen if you were stuck in very deep sand or mud {Ir were up against a

solid abjeci. ‘Ir'uu cuuld damage ynur lransaxle. If Ihe ignition is an. the brake nyurern warning light

Also, if you stop when going uphill. don't hold will turn on and :1 aingle chime will be heard. The your vehicle there with only the accelerator parking brake uses the brakes an lhe rear wheels.

pedal. This could overheat and damage the To releuae the parking brake. held IJie reguhr brake transaxle. Use your brakes or shift iI‘lIIJ PARK [P] pedal Llnwn und push the parking hralu: pedal wilh

to hold ynur vehidc in position on a hi||_ yum left l'uul. Thih will unlock lhu: pedul. When yuu lil'L your lch hurt. the: park brake pedal will I'ullnw i1 :11- The released pmitiun.


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