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AUTOMATIC DVERDRI‘JE [TED]: Tho position is for normal driving. If you need more power for passing. and you're:

0 Going loss than about 35 mph [55 [rm-11}. push your accelerator pedal about halfway down.

6 Going about. 35 mph {55 kmfhi or more, push the, uroolorutor all the way down.

You'll ohifi clown to The next gen: and hurt: more power.

THIRD [3): This position is also used For normal driving. hon-c L'Cr. it offers more power and lower fuel economy than AUTOMATIC OVERDRIVE ['ifl' 1.

Here are some times you might choose THIRD 13) instead of AUTOMATIC IDVERDRIVE iffiii:

0 When driving on hilly. windlng roads

'0 When towing a trailer. so there its [oi-,5 shifting between gears

b When going down :1 steep hill

SECDND {Z}: This. position gives; you :11qu power but iowrr Eu :1 economy than THIRD {3]. You can use SECOND 121 on hilla. it man help control your Speed on you go down Hteep mountain routine~ but then you Would also want to um: your hmkca ofl' and on.


Don’t drive in SECOND Ill for more than

5 miles [8 km]. or at speeds n‘l-‘El' 55 mph

{90 kmfhi. or you can damage your transaxle. Use AUTUM ATIC OVE RDRIVE {52"} or THIRD {31 as much as possible.

Don’t shift into SECOND E2} unless you are going slower than 55 mph nos Itmr'hl. or you can damage your engine.

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