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REVERSE [R]: Use This gtalr to back up.

Shifting out at PARK {P} m' NEUTRAL {N} while your engine is "racing" [running at high

Shifting la REVERSE ”I! while yunr vehicle is: speed] is dangemuu. Unless ynur fun: is firmly an

the brake pedal. your vehicle muld more very rapidly. You could Inse mntml and hit people or

objects. Don’t shift oul DI“ PA RK IP} or NEUTRA [. {Ni while :l-‘l'llll' engine is rating.

moving forward muld damage ynur Ira nuklr. Shift to REVERSE IRJ (ml),r after your vehicle- is stopped.

Tn luck your vehicle truck and fth In gel nut of snow. ice or band wishuu: dunmgmg your tram-Hula. m: "Stufk in Sand. Mud. la: Hr Snuw"1'n[h1:lnd::x.

NEUTRAL (Hi: In rhir; positinn. yourengine doesn'l conned wuh the Wllfl'fi'lh. Tu raglan whun yuu‘rc N01 ICE' airtull'y rmwing. um: NELITRAL[N!IHI11}'. A1511. utL'

NEUTRAL I N: when your vehicle j” being towed. Damn we in your Iransaxle caused by shifting out of PA RK {P} {if NEUTRAL {N} with lhe engine

racing isn‘t covered by your warranty.


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